**Attention, women who are sick of diets that don’t work:**

Want to lose weight for good, speed up your slow metabolism, and take years off your body?

I’ve got the solution!

Mary C. Weaver, CSCSFrom Mary C. Weaver, CSCS

Dear friend:

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve tried the latest diets and even lost a few pounds . . . but the weight always creeps back on, and then some
  • Getting dressed in the morning is a struggle because you have a closetful of clothes in three different sizes—but nothing that really fits or makes you feel especially confident
  • Your metabolism is slowing down, and you’re afraid it’s only going to get worse
  • You’re not old yet, but that little voice in your head is whispering that something has to change now.

Whatever frustrations or desires led you to this page, you are in absolutely the right place, right now!

I’m Mary Weaver, a fat-loss coach and a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, and my mission is helping women lose weight the safe and healthy way, speed up their metabolism, and transform their body.

Ready for weight loss that really works?

I created my body-transformation system based on scientific principles, years of studyreal-world experience with women just like you, and my own weight-loss school of hard knocks.

Yes, I have to admit—I gained weight in my mid-40s and wasted almost three years trying to take it off.

But you can learn from my mistakes!

The truth is, the world is full of unethical diet scammers who will prey on your frustrations and deliver only disappointment. I see it every day, and for a while I fell victim to their lies too.

Well, not anymore.

I will not stand by and watch you get ripped off by those people.

But instead of ranting and complaining about the damage these charlatans do, I created an antidote. Because nothing gives me more joy than seeing my clients healthy, empowered, and happy. My body transformation program will help you get there.

Maybe, though, you’re afraid that it’s too late for you . . .

I’ve got just one thing to say to that:


No matter what your age, it is never too late to make amazing improvements to your health, your figure, and your energy level.

‘I’ve gotten back into the clothes I so missed wearing’

“My story is typical: weight gain around the middle in my 40s, various vain attempts to lose it quickly through fad diets. Result: I was only getting fatter. I was desperate to find a way to feel good about myself again. In my search for a sustainable, sensible plan I discovered Prime Fitness for Women. Mary is wonderful. She separates the facts from the plethora of myths out there and supports you on your journey toward a healthier lifestyle and the self-confidence that a firmer, slimmer body brings. In four months I have gotten back into the clothes I so missed wearing, but more important, I’ve learned a new way of approaching weight management that will last a lifetime. Thank you, Mary!”

Lynnette G. | Los Angeles
It’s not your fault you’re still struggling with your weight . . .


You do NOT have to starve to reach your ideal weight!

Look, I know you’ve tried everything.

You’ve lost and regained pounds.

You’ve gone through waves of guilt, frustration, and sadness over your weight.

You’ve wasted untold emotional energy psyching yourself up for each new diet—not to mention all the money you’ve wasted on supplements, pills, books, and inedible diet foods.

You’ve endured no end of insane crash diets—800 calories a day, no carbs, no fat, hCG, juicing, fasting, fill in the blank.

If you’re done with all that, let me assure you: You can win at fat loss and get off the diet merry-go-round. And you don’t have to starve or eat weird stuff in order to do it.


Please listen closely to what I’m about to say
because this is critically important:
It isn’t that you didn’t try hard enough before

You didn’t know that your past diets—and the weight-loss lies and half-truths you were fed—actually set you up to regain the weight.

You simply did not have the research-based information and tools you needed to succeed.

But now you can . . . and now you can have the body, the energy, and the confidence you’ve always wanted.

‘Changed my life!’

“Body-Transformation Bootcamp is the most comprehensive, academically sound, fun, genuine, and informative weight-loss programme I have ever come across. And to top it all, Mary rocks! Mary is a true stellar expert, and what she doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing! This has changed my life and, of course, my body!”

Dion Johnson | dionjohnson.com
Introducing Body-Transformation Bootcamp

BTB-full-productIn my Body-Transformation Bootcamp (BTB), you get solutions based on science—not the fad of the day.

As a member of BTB, you’re going to learn my step-by-step, research-based system at your own pace, in the comfort of your home. With BTB, you will know exactly what to do to build a healthier, leaner, younger body.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover when you join the program:

Module 1. Fat loss fast start

In module 1, you’ll learn

  • the 2 real reasons why any diet succeeds or fails
  • the surprising factor that determines how fast or slow your metabolism is—and how to speed it up
  • why eating too little is guaranteed to sabotage your diet
  • the 4 reasons you should try “calorie cycling” (you’re going to love this!)
  • the truth about carbs—do they make you fat or not?
  • the most important fat-burning nutrient most women don’t get enough of
  • how to figure out exactly how many calories you need to burn fat
  • and more!
Module 2: Lose fat without starving

In module 2, you’ll learn

  • the 4 kinds of foods that dramatically reduce hunger while you’re dieting
  • how to put together easy fat-burning meals and snacks
  • how to figure out how much protein, carb, and fat you need
  • 3 action strategies for defeating a craving
  • a 5-second technique that helps you stop overeating
  • 11 tips for eating out without destroying your diet
  • the simple daily practice that doubles your chances of success
  • and more!
Module 3: The best fat-burning exercise for body transformation

In module 3, you’ll learn

  • why dieting alone can never create body transformation
  • which kinds of workouts crank up your calorie burn for as much as 24 hours afterward
  • how to get twice the cardio benefits in half the time
  • the 7 exercises proven to increase bone density
  • the best ways to get in shape without joining a health club
  • how to avoid the No. 1 mistake women make in the gym
  • the 6 strategies that help you stick to your exercise program
  • the 2 proven dietary supplements that provide the biggest bang for exercisers (and no, they’re not “fat burners”)
  • and more!
Module 4: Keep the weight off forever

In module 4, you’ll learn

  • the secret of changing bad health habits into good ones
  • the 4-step strategy for identifying and transforming the triggers that invite you to overeat
  • why social support is crucial to fat loss, and 4 ways to get it, even if your family and friends don’t understand
  • 3 indispensable mental strategies to fire up your motivation and help you reach your goals
  • the 6 reasons people regain their lost weight
  • the 5 proven strategies used by the world’s most successful “losers”
  • how to get back with the program when you slip up
  • and more!
How the program works

As soon as you opt in, you receive an e-mail that gives you immediate access to our member website, where you will get

  • recordings and word-for-word transcripts for the 4 modules
  • homework assignments to help you implement what you learn in each module
  • exercise routines you can use at home or in the gym to reshape your body
  • worksheets that tailor the program to your needs
  • special reports that go in depth on key topics and
  • links to recommended resources (books and tools you’ll find useful).

In the program’s audio seminars (totalling 4 and 1/2 hours of instruction), I teach the principles of effective fat loss and how to apply them. I share all the tools you need to succeed at taking off pounds, speeding up your metabolism, reshaping your body, and maintaining your new weight.

You also get complete written transcripts of the 4 audio seminars.

‘A major jump-start from fluffy to fit’

“Mary Weaver’s Body-Transformation Bootcamp gave me the tools and information I needed to make my desire for a fit, lean, strong body a reality. By providing excellent tips, using real science, and sharing useful resources to fit the needs of women over 40, Mary gets you on the right track and puts the steering wheel in your hands. I’m successfully driving to my goals with confidence. As someone who needed a major jump-start from fluffy to fit, BTB was AWESOME!

Lisa Mueller | ALMPhoto.com
Did somebody say bonuses?

I include six additional valuable bonuses to give you even more in-depth information on specific aspects of fat loss. So when you get on board, you immediately gain access to these special reports and recordings:

  • The Top 5 Myths that Keep Sabotaging Your Weight Loss (report)
  • Take 10 Years Off Your Body: How to Build a Faster Metabolism (report)
  • How to Lose Fat Faster Without Starving (report)
  • The 10 Biggest Fat-Loss Mistakes Even Smart Women Make—and How to Fix Them (recording of a live presentation and Q&A session)
  • An exclusive interview with blogger and weight-loss success story Shira Miller, who lost 50 pounds and has kept it off for 20 years (recording)
  • An interview with author and strength-training expert Irene Lewis-McCormick, who busts common myths about resistance training (recording)
‘11 pounds in five weeks’

“Being 110 pounds overweight is no easy thing, but I had reached the point of giving up and resigning myself to staying fat forever. I’d known Mary for some time when I decided to do her Body-Transformation Bootcamp. In five weeks I’ve lost 11 pounds, and I didn’t starve. I am thrilled with the bootcamp, the depth of knowledge, and the personal attention and encouragement from Mary. I’m committed to my health, something I’ve not been for a very long time, and I’m no longer having a heart attack every time I walk up the stairs. Mary’s bootcamp is excellent, and the program works.”

Sarah Arrow | SarkEMedia.com

Plus, you’re protected by my “I Love This Program” guarantee

I’m confident that when you join my Body-Transformation Bootcamp, you’re going to be thrilled with the program. I also know that if you take action and put into place everything you learn, you’re going to start seeing fabulous results.

Because I believe so strongly in the powerful combination of this program plus your dedication, I offer a 30-day 100 percent money-back guarantee. If you join the program and are not completely satisfied, just drop me an e-mail within 30 days, and I will cheerfully refund your investment, no questions asked.

It’s that simple. I take ALL the risk so you don’t have to.

So what’s this investment going to cost?

Well, if you were paying my one-on-one hourly coaching rate for the 4 sessions of Body-Transformation Bootcamp, you’d pay $700 to $900.

But this program isn’t going to set you back nearly that much!

Your investment for BTB’s 4 audio modules, transcripts,
worksheets, homework assignments, and bonuses
is just $97!

In other words, it will cost you less than three sessions with a decent personal trainer . . . a tiny fraction of the monthly food cost of Jenny Craig . . . or about the same as four hardcover diet books that will do you about as much good as the last four diet books you purchased.

And dare I mention it, if you’re not happy with those other methods, that money is gone for good—because they don’t offer a money-back guarantee like I do!


Yes, Mary! I’m ready to lose fat and transform my body!

I understand that I am getting

  • Mary’s complete Body-Transformation Bootcamp 1.0, presented in 4 recordings and transcripts—plus homework assignments, worksheets, training routines, and other online resources.
  • Lifetime access to the program through the exclusive online member website.
  • 3 bonus reports and 3 bonus audio recordings.
  • A free subscription to Mary’s e-mail newsletter, with articles and action tips on fat loss, nutrition, fitness, and exercise.
Click the Buy Now button to get instant access to Body-Transformation Bootcamp 1.0  . . . for just $97!



Note: Your order will be processed on a secure server, which protects both you and your credit-card information. Here’s how the shopping process works:

As soon your purchase is completed, you will immediately receive an e-mail with all the information you need to log in to our exclusive member website. There you can listen to or download all your program materials.


‘A system for the rest of your life’

“I absolutely would recommend Body-Transformation Bootcamp because it is a system that will work for the rest of your life. It is not a quick-fix fad diet. Mary has taken years of study in the field of nutrition and fat loss and created a product packed with the best of that information. Her program is a sensible approach to shedding fat and building a lean, strong body.”

Karen Sprinkle | OrganizeItHome.com
Before we say goodbye . . .

Let me be blunt with you: this program is not for everybody. If you’re hoping for a quick fix that requires no effort—you know, like magic fat-loss pills or diets that promise “30 pounds in 30 days”—you will not find it here. (Also, if you have a bona fide eating disorder, I strongly encourage you to get help from a therapist or counselor.)

But if you’re ready to

  • transform your figure
  • take years off your body
  • improve your health
  • regain your confidence and
  • learn strategies for permanent weight control,

you’re going to love Body-Transformation Bootcamp!

This process doesn’t take place overnight. (After all, you didn’t get out of shape overnight either . . .)

But it WORKS for those who apply its principles. And if you take action with the tools and information I’m going to share, I know you can do it!

If you’re ready to begin your body-transformation journey, click the Buy Now Button, and let’s get started!


P.S. Don’t forget that you are protected by my 100 percent money-back guarantee. Download all the audios, workbooks, transcripts, and reports, and check them out thoroughly. If you decide the program is not for you, just e-mail me within 30 days of your purchase, and I will gladly refund your investment. You have nothing to lose but unwanted pounds!

P.P.S. You can pass up this offer . . . but if you do, nothing is going to change to get you closer to the body you want. Not taking action is making a decision to stay the same. And I don’t think that’s what you really want, is it?

Wishing you every success!

Mary C. Weaver, CSCS

your body-transformation coach

Prime Fitness LLC

P.O. Box 6183

Knoxville, TN 37914

United States

e-mail Mary | 865-224-6386

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